can a foreigner own properties in ghana?

 Yes foreigners can acquire as many properties as much as they can afford. Ghana is open to anyone who wishes to visit,live and invest. hence our constitution is flexible and open to doesn’t restrict the amount of properties a foreigner can own.why waste time? get yours today ,we’ll help you to achieve that.

do you help africans in diaspora wishing to settle in ghana?

 Yes, As Pan Africans we seek a unified black nation and black liberation. Therefore, we have many special services we offer to sisters and brothers who wishes to relocate to Ghana but have no one to assist them in the process. Pan african real estate Ghana serves as your trusted family to handle your buying, renting and other needs that you might have. Do you Want to build a project but are unsure how to start? Look no further, Pan african real estate Ghana can help. we have a department team that specializes in all contruction areas. The team is comprised of certified architects, masons, building supervisers electricians,plumbers,block makers,carpenters, borehole drillers and much more. We have strong links to the companies that will provide the construction materials as well, with us you will always get the best quote.

also we give free advice and detailed informations to anyone that wishes to vistit,settle,start bussiness etc.

Pan African real estate Ghana “the only family you can trust”.

On visitation to view property, am I supposed to be charged?

At the moment we DO NOT charge our clients for visiting any said property. It is FREE of charge

is acquisition of properties in ghana safe without scams ?

NO, since millennia, Buying lands and properties in Ghana has not been easy. trust me, lots of fights, lots of litigation and sometimes deaths. But our team of trained and qualified personnel will take you through this journey of buying and owning a property in Ghana stressless with no problems. at the end of the day, we make sure all that comes is to your benefit.

which areas do you serve ?

we currently serve in Ashanti Region, kumasi and many places across the region.we also partner with our trusted real estate agents across the country to get you properties across the whole Ghana


I wish to dare say that most people who buy or own land in Kumasi know very little about allocation notes. There mounting secrets about allocation notes that most land experts and land buyers don’t know? Secrets, mountains of them which affect the fate of land buyers everyday, exists. Land buyers, thousands of them, buy land in the thick darkness of the knowledge of allocations notes. That is why most land buyers continue to experience avoidable land ownership problems long after they have paid money for land. But before we go ahead to unravel these secrets about allocation notes, let’s first of all ask ourselves this question: what is an allocation note? If we are able to answer this question clearly without an iota of ambiguity , we will pave the right way to bring to light the secrets of allocation notes.
In Kumasi, when someone buys land from a chief, the buyer is often given a piece of paper to show that he is the owner of the land. The piece of paper is often well known as an allocation note or paper. An allocation note, therefore, indicates that there has been an original transfer of land from a Stool or a Chief to another person. Allocation notes often bear the logo or letterhead of the Stool or the chief selling the land. On it are often written the terms and conditions of the transaction. Such as, for example, development of the land should begin within one year and be completed in three years and that ‘ground rent must be paid annually’. Allocation notes are signed by the chief and his principal elders. The date on which the sale took place is written on it, a brief description of the land that is being given out such as the plot number. In addition, three site plans of the land being sold are also attached to allocation notes. At least anyone who has bought land in Kumasi know this.
What most people, including some land experts, do not know about allocation notes is that before 1943, allocation notes were not known in the corridors of buying, selling, and owing land in Kumasi. Most land sales were oral. The practice was that anyone wishing to acquire land had to just see the elders of the town with drinks and that person had land. Land was in abundance. And land was often given out without hesitation. No allocation notes were issued to cover such transactions.
In 1943, when the British came into the scene., everything changed. A law was passed to establish a Land Office for the Asantehene. Located at the Manhyia Palace, where it is still at today, the office was to help the Asantehene keep records on all of it’s land transactions. Thereafter ‘43, when chiefs gave out land, they were required to inform the Asantehene’s Lands Office in writing so that the transaction would be recorded. At that time most chiefs could not read nor write. But developed simple letters to introduce people whom they gave land to send to the Asantehene’s Lands Office. On the 15th of February, 1955 the Tafo Stool for example gave out a plot of land at Nhyiaso to one Kyeami Kwasi Yeboah. In my research I had the opportunity to see the letter. It read;
“I have the honour to inform you that the above plot has been allocated to Kyeami Kwasi Yeboah and I should be obliged if you would prepare the necessary papers for him.”
This letter, like most allocation notes issued in the olden days by our ancestors points to the fact that allocation notes were not meant to be only an an introductory papers. But with time, these letters meant for introducing land buyers to the Asantehene become known as allocation notes. allocation notes did not attached conditions to the sale of land such as; ‘you should start developing the land within one year and complete in two or three years’. Allocation notes didn’t require the endorsement of the Asantehene to be valid. Though when leases were prepared, the Asantehene had to sign to make it valid. Today, most land buyers clinch to allocation notes as land documents. However, most land experts see nothing legal in allocations notes. As a matter of fact, these two opposite beliefs about allocation notes is the genesis of the secret world of allocation notes in Kumasi.

I believe you now have an idea about what constitute an allocation note. I believe you now know that allocation is very new in the tradition of buying and selling land in Kumasi. And I believe you are asking many more questions about allocation notes. Don’t worry. Ask those questions, share your opinions as comments and I will do my best to respond. In our subsequent articles on this blog, we will be unraveling lots and lots of secrets in the world of allocation notes. Tell your friends about this website

What is the size of a plot?

The official standard, however, is 100 x 100 feet although many people use 100 x 70 feet as a widely accepted measurement.

What is the average Lease period for Land use in Ghana?

A lease is usually for averagely a period of 99 years or less depending on the location of the Land.


what is The right time to buy a house or land ?

Whether you’re buying the house as your primary residence or for speculative reasons, the right time to buy a landed property is NOW. Landed properties appreciate with time. It is true that there have been some cases where it has depreciated than appreciated. But those cases are very rare.

What are the prices of your lands and houses?

the prices of our lands and houses varries depending on the location and the size of the property.Browse through our listings for the prices of our various properties or contact us

What if I want a bigger plot?

Purchasers who desire more plots will pay per square meter in relation to the excess number of square meters desired at the prevailing market price.

What do I get when I pay for my plot?

Receipts and contract of sale thus site plan and allocation paper

What other payment do I make apart from the land payment?

land and property titlement documentation fee if you want us to register your property on your behalf

What other documents do I get when I finish making all payments?

Receipts, Letter of Allocation, Survey plan, Deed of Assignment and every other essential Document.

As a potential buyer, what are my responsibilities?

A potential buyer is expected to do a diligent search at the Lands Commission to know the legal owners of the land. A potential buyer should request for a site plan to the land he/she wants to buy to conduct the search at the Public and Vested Land Management Department (PVLMD) and Survey and Mapping Division of the Lands Commission.

This should happen before the negotiation for the property starts.

Difference between a Titled Land and Plotted (Registered) land?

Titled Land
Land Title Registration confers an indefeasible title on the proprietor of the land under PNDCL 152 and it is applicable in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and some parts of Winneba (the “Registration Districts”).

Plotted Land
Plotted (registered) Land is land that is not titled but its details are recorded in the records of the Public and Vested Lands Management Division (PVLMD) of the Lands Commission. All plotted lands must undergo further processing at the Lands Commission for the title to be issued.

NB: Titled lands are more expensive than Plotted Lands and it gives its holder security of tenure.

This should happen before the negotiation for the property starts.

Are there any restrictions as to the type of buildings I can build on my designated area?

no, you are free to build any kind of your prefered building if it doesnt pose dangers to lives

What are the prices of your lands and houses?

the prices of our lands and houses varries depending on the location and the size of the us for or view our listings for prices of our various properties

when can i book for inspection ?

A customer is expected to book an appointment with us at least a day to the inspection day. We will tell the client the time and location. Inspection with a potential client is free of charge

Can I go for Inspection before payment?

yes.. we are currently offring free viwing services to all our customers across the country. just feel free to reach to us by cliking here

Is there any time to commence work on my land after allocation?

customers are adviced to start a project or do something on the land as soon as the allocation is giving to protect fraud. bad people tend to scam others with undevelped and unattended lands. hence we adviced but not mandatory

What are the steps to take to subscribe to Land online?
  1. Visit: and click on “Estates“, click on the image of the estate you want to buy and it will take you to the subscription form.
  2. Transfer to the account details on the site after filling the subscription form.
  3. Send an email of your payment details to with payment evidence and our team will get back to you.
What if I default payment at stipulated what will be done? Will get an extension of time or penalized?

Clients are given 30 days from the expiry of the agreement to either complete payment or agree on an extension with interest.

If after these there has not been a sign of goodwill to pay, P.A.R.E.G reserves the right to terminate the agreement, relocate the client to a different property or refund part of the monies paid exclusive of administrative charges.






Got More Questions?

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Buying land and properties in Ghana has not been easy. trust me, lots of fights, lots of litigation and sometimes deaths. our team of trained and qualified personnel will take you through this journey of buying and owning a property in Ghana stressless with no problems. at the end of the day, we make sure all that comes is to your benefit.


Interns of acquiring properties in Ghana, it comes with a huge responsibilities and therefore you need someone that’s very knowledgeable and honest,eager to provide good quality services to your need that’s why we advice to look no further than P.A.R.E.G

why we do what we do

People aften ask, why we do what we do ? why we love what we love ? Simple, it is that joy, that smile that we see on your face when we connect you to your property. not that we are perfect but we are among the best you’ll ever meet.


“Dear P.A.R.E.G,
We just wanted to thank you both so much for your help in purchasing the property.
You have both really gone out of your way to help and your assistance, patience and time has been greatly appreciated. We will highly recommend your agency to people we know!



 “Thank you so much for the great service you provided us throughout the buying & registering Our Land process. You made it so carefree and easy for us throughout the whole process. If we knew it was that easy to buy a Land, we would have done it sooner!

We would definitely recommend you to our friends.

Thank you once again!

Lisa & Danny

“We want you to thank you for all the efforts you have taken to see the sale thru. Thank you for bearing with us and adjusting with the different demands. It was really a nice experience for us with you. We are very happy with ourselves that we chose you for this job.

We now wish you all the best in your future ventures and hope you have lots of successful deals in future.

Thank you.”


“We would like to thank you again for the wonderful service that you provided to us, when selling our house at Bantama. You made it so easy for us and got the price we wanted. You were also prompt and up front with your reports which we appreciated. 

We certainly have recommend your services to all our friends and suggested they contact you if selling. 

The difference between yourself and the agents we had in Tafo, is like comparing provision store to Kumasi Mall. 

We are having a house warming party and my birthday party soon, so if you just happen to be in Bantama, we would love to see you. 

Sgt. Grant

Retired Police Officer

“I am writing in appreciation of our recent dealings with you in relation to the sale of our unit in East Legon.

Your relentless pursuit of achieving a better than expected sale price was second-to-none. Your professionalism in dealing with prospective buyers, the additional opens for inspections and most importantly the success of securing the final price were all above and beyond our expectations of an agent.

With much thanks and sincerely”


“We purchased our first property through P.A.R.E.G and found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly & easy going. I would highly recommend P.A.R.E.G and if we are to ever sell property in the future, we would go to them first.”

Mensah & Suzanne

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