Sankofa Nokware populary known as Ottimo The Finisher yesterday engaged in a hot debate with a pastor from Italy on facebook to educate the general punlic on “what foreign religion has done for black raceGhana to be precise.

This question rosed lots of arguments between the Christians and the Traditionalists that were watching the programme live on facebook yesterday. the pastor got astonished with all the numerous questions thrown to him,he later got agitated and started accusing his own African culture and tradition to be the root cause of Africa’s problems without giving any proving fact after 30 minutes of preaching.

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Sankofa a traditionalist on the other hand accused religion of bringing immoral behaviours such as Corruption,prostitution,armed robbery and teenage pregnancy to Africa.he stressed when Africans practised their own cultures with the fear of God and the gods Africans were living in harmony with peace and love but since the introduction of Christianity and Islam all fell apart and Africa started loosing it’s moral ways.

he also pointed Africans knew God before the arrival of the Europeans. He continue to lamentEuropeans didnt bring god to africa but brainwashing and indoctrination of africans to hate themselves,their culture,food,languages ,names etc.

Some other traditionalist Gurus or African identity defenders such as Nana Yaw preko of SHADY’S MEDIA,Kwaku Ag Bosom-Ba , Life-stone Gh and many more called on the show and ambushed the pastor.

below is the full video WATCH AND SHARE story brought to you by HALF NIPA HALF BOSOM

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